On numerous occasions we have experienced that the end result is far from the strategic objectives we had set in the planning phase. Have we made ??bad our goals? Have we planned our strategy wrong?

There is no doubt that it is essential to analyze our environment and make a profound internal analysis. You also need to properly draw our strategy (How?) That leads us to achieve strategic objectives (learn more).

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to assist remarkable strategic analyzes that have not had the expected success. On the other hand, not so well planned strategies have led to a great result. What makes the difference? Undoubtedly, excellent execution.

Simply because the strategic objectives have been communicated, the group will work as a high performance team oriented them. It is important to formulate them correctly, but in my opinion, is much more important to inspire your team to want to get them at all costs. Find reasons to make them fight for them with optimism, hard and with pride. How do we get this?

photo by: jccchou

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